What comes to your mind when you hear the word “brand?” If you automatically think of an image like logo, you’re not wrong – but there’s so much more to a brand.

Some of the most iconic brands stick with us in our minds not just because of design and visuals, but the intangibles that make up a brand identity.

A brand identity is made up of all the elements an organization uses to present itself to the public.

This can include the intangibles:

  • Vision, mission and values
  • Corporate culture
  • Public perception
  • Value proposition
  • Voice and tone
  • Customer experience

And tangibles:

  • Logo
  • Brand colours, font and overall style
  • Print and digital marketing materials
  • Web presence

Think about the brands you’re most loyal to – what keeps you coming back? It might be the quality, consistency, or reliability. Chances are, the aspects of a brand that keeps customers around were cultivated on purpose.

Consumers and stakeholders can easily see through brands that feel fake and inauthentic. Strong brand identities are authentic and built with purpose – they integrate both the tangible and intangible elements and stay strong through consistency and reliability.

Strong brands know who they areand more importantlywho they’re not. They stick with what they do best and what makes them unique, rather than try to replicate other brands or dilute what makes them special by trying to do everything at once. In practice, this can mean ensuring visual elements are all aligned, but also that each element of a brand relates to and communicates the organization’s values.


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