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How a company shows up and communicates defines its trustworthiness and credibility. It’s the heartbeat of how a business connects with its customers, team, stakeholders and community.

Take Roots is your steadfast partner from concept and strategy to message delivery. One that will build your capacity and align your thinking. Trust in our experience and strengths as we work with you to set a direction that drives your narrative forward, engages audiences, shares your values and shapes your brand reputation.

Guiding connections, shaping communication. Take Roots.

Steadfast Partner in Strategy

Our communication services transcend the ordinary, guiding your brand’s narrative with precision and purpose.

Capacity Builder and Trusted Advisor

We’re not just a service provider; we’re your capacity builder and trusted advisor. At Take Roots, we roll up our sleeves and work hand-in-hand with your internal team — we identify opportunities, bridge gaps, and cultivate the capacity for effective communication.

Purposeful Guidance and Execution

Whether we’re delivering subtle nuances or impactful messages, our guidance ensures that your story is not just told but effectively executed.

Your brand’s narrative is your legacy, and at Take Roots, we take it seriously.

Let’s craft your brand’s communication journey together, with quiet confidence and a commitment to real, impactful work.

We do this by offering:

Strategic Communication Solutions:

  • Internal & External Communication Strategies

  • Volunteer Engagement Strategies

  • Brand Ambassador Training


Change Leadership Services:

  • Change Management

  • Customized Training Development Materials

Resource Mobilization Expertise:

  • Fund Development Plans

  • Grant Writing & Grant Review


Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations

Department of Emergency Preparedness and Planning

“The department of emergency preparedness and planning had the sincere pleasure of working with Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard on the 2021 Speaker Series. Stephanie was professional, responsive, and diligent throughout the entire process. Of note, the department found Stephanie’s ability to deliver practical social media best practices during a crisis particularly impressive. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking assistance with crisis communications and social media.”

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Improve Your Grant
Writing Skills

So you found a grant to apply for. Now what? With grants becoming more competitive and difficult to attain, we want you to gain knowledge on the best ways to get funding and create sustainability for your organization.

During this workshop, participants will walk through the essential components of a proposal, the do’s and don’ts, key writing styles, the budget, and tricks of the trade, along with some interactive exercises. We will focus on crafting two essential components: the need statement; and the impact. Bring a proposal you are working on and we can work on improving it.

Developing a Communications
Plan For Your Company

Take a look at any successful company and, chances are, their accomplishments aren’t an accident. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to develop and execute an effective communications plan for your company. From determining your end goal to understanding who your audience is, a successful communications plan should be carefully considered and well thought-out. You’ll take part in activities throughout the workshop in order to gain hands on experience with the development process.

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