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At Take Roots our approach is as dynamic as your story. We understand your need to work with a team that becomes an integral part of yours. To build internal capacity. A place where you can harness our know-how to shine a light and find the path forward, even in times of crisis.

Earned over two decades, Take Roots’ reputation is a testament to our ability to craft informed narratives that genuinely embody a brand. Your story deserves to be told in a way that goes beyond the ordinary – one that captures attention as it unfolds and stays with your audience.

Trust Take Roots to make every chapter impactful.

We do this by offering:

News Releases

  • Press Release Creation
  • Distribution Strategy Planning


Media Relations & Coaching

  • Story Pitching to Media Outlets
  • Media Training for Spokespersons


News Conferences

  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • On-site Media Management
  • Post-conference Follow-up


Brand Reputation Management

  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Crisis Communication Planning
  • Reputation Repair Strategies
  • Proactive Reputation Building

Jamey Johnston

Territory Sales Manager, Staples Canada

“Stephanie masterfully managed all of the media relations while coordinating the national Outrun Rare campaign, dealing with over 30 locations and several levels of management. I was extremely pleased with her ability to communicate, often last minute, securing and preparing media releases while always remaining at the highest level of professionalism. Stephanie and Take Roots have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I confidently recommend them.”

Related Workshops

Building Confidence through
Public Speaking

The rewards for acquiring public speaking skills are many. From job interviews to team presentations or making a speech at a family wedding – public speaking is a life skill.

This interactive course will provide participants with tips and tricks to become a more dynamic speaker by managing their jitters, connecting with their audience and creating memorable presentations.


Crisis Response Manuals 101:
Are You Ready for a Crisis?

At the drop of a hat, and without warning, your company could be swept into a less-than-favourable situation that requires swift action to minimize damage to its reputation. These emergencies can affect small businesses, not-for-profits and large corporations—there are no exceptions. Although these problems can happen suddenly, there are still steps we can take to ensure we are as prepared as possible. For example, a crisis response manual serves as an important blueprint to navigating the aftermath of any sticky situation. During this workshop, participants will gain a greater understanding of how to best prepare for, and navigate, crises that may suddenly arise.


The Basics of
Event Planning

Plan, organize and host events like a pro – even if it’s your first time. Ever notice how the best events look effortless? Everything just seems to unfold perfectly – and at just the right moment. A well-planned, well-run meeting, retreat, fundraiser or convention is a thing of beauty.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of event planning
  • Negotiate the best deals from vendors
  • Build an event guide to keep you (and your team) on track
  • Plan a workable budget – and stay within it
  • Assess and manage printing needs – agendas, programs, signage
  • Know your critical tasks (6 months out, 30 days out, the week of the event & the night before)
  • Handle setup & tear down schedules smoothly and efficiently
  • Conduct a day-after evaluation to assess your event and improve planning and management for the next one

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