A Commitment Beyond Business

Building Impact, Adding Value, and Fostering Capacity

At Take Roots, our commitment to creating impact, adding value, and fostering capacity is embodied by our Principal and Chief Strategist, Stephanie. Her dedication extends far beyond the confines of her professional endeavours, as she firmly believes that her commitment to the community is an integral part of who she is. It’s not just a part of her work; it’s the heart of her purpose.

Professionally, Stephanie specializes in strategic communication, brand reputation management, and capacity building. But she doesn’t stop there. She takes these skills and applies them with equal passion to her roles in various community boards and organizations.

Chris Cartier

Realtor, Maxwell Devonshire

“Stephanie is one of the most vibrant people I’ve ever met. With one meeting, I knew she was something special. She is a passionate go-getter with tons of ideas that come to fruition if you believe in her and follow her lead. Her storytelling is genuine and heavily researched to allow for excellent readability with informative, factual details. She is a great communicator, quick and concise, which to me is number one. Her coaching is sincere and direct so that you leave her session knowing exactly what to do on your end to get the ball rolling. I’m so glad I met her as I see her as a mentor for my own business dealings: how to motivate, how to inspire, how to communicate and how to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! I highly recommend calling Stephanie if you are looking to take your business or organization to the next level!”

What We Do


Stephanie serves as a catalyst for growth and engagement, leveraging her expertise to drive memberships and ensure the long-term sustainability of the organizations she serves. It’s about expanding the community and fostering connections.


Stephanie’s impact in the realm of fund development is profound. She has meticulously crafted numerous fund development plans that have led to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations, both at a local and national level. Her strategic approach and commitment to securing the resources needed for these organizations to thrive is a testament to her dedication to making a tangible difference.

Marketing &

Stephanie’s professional knack for developing impactful marketing and communication strategies finds its perfect match in the community. Whether it’s promoting a local event, sharing inspiring stories, or rallying support for a cause, her strategies bridge the gap between vision and action.


Nurturing a pool of dedicated volunteers is vital for community initiatives to flourish. Stephanie understands the dynamics of volunteer engagement and contributes her insights to create meaningful opportunities that enrich the community.

In the Media


Stephanie firmly believes that success isn’t measured solely by professional accomplishments. True success encompasses the ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of those around us. By actively participating in community boards, leveraging her skills, and applying her strategic mindset, she aspires to create a lasting, positive impact in the community.

At Take Roots, we’re not just passionate about what we do professionally; we’re equally passionate about sharing our expertise and commitment to make a meaningful difference in the community, guided by Stephanie’s vision. It’s our way of giving back, building capacity, and contributing to a brighter future. Together, let’s build a stronger and more vibrant community, one strategic step at a time.

ERIN Steering
Committee Member

Appointed in May 2023, Stephanie was selected from a diverse array of service providers and entrepreneurs in the Edmonton region to the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network’s Steering Committee. This committee represents a wide spectrum of service providers who collectively share a common mission: to accelerate the growth of Edmonton’s innovation ecosystem.

Stephanie’s involvement with the ERIN Steering Committee is more than a commitment; it’s a reflection of her dedication to our community. Her role aligns perfectly with her passion for community service and her professional know-how in strategy, communication, and capacity building.

Past volunteer roles


Fort Edmonton Foundation Board Member:
Preserving Edmonton’s rich history.

100 Women Who Care, Sponsorship Relations on the Board of Directors:
Empowering local philanthropy.

Volunteer Committee, Christmas Bureau of Edmonton:
Fostering community support.

Shadow Theatre Board Member:
Contributing to the vibrant arts scene.

Varscona Theatre Alliance Campaign Cabinet Member:
A commitment to the arts.

Terwillegar Community League Communications Director:
Building community connections.

Terwillegar Community League Board Member:
A steadfast dedication to community building.


Community Give
Back Program

We recognize the importance for charities and non-profits to excel with their fund development program, to raise much-needed funds to advance their mission and deliver programming to deserving clients. We also understand that budgets are tight and the need to do more with less is the norm and not the exception. That’s why we created the Take Roots Community Give Back Program.

Charities and non-profits can apply to receive strategic counsel from Take Roots on a fund development project at 50% of the standard rate. We only accept up to three (3) clients per calendar year. Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis.

We will consider

Alberta-based charities and non-profits

Charities and non-profits that are federally registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency

Charitable organizations that provide a health, welfare or social service in the local community

We will NOT consider

Individual pursuits

Third-party organizations raising funds for charity

Religious organizations, with the exception of secular activities open to those of all faiths, such as operating a shelter or a group program, or unless the organization is engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community

Donations to political groups, private schools, pre-schools, elementary and high schools

Endowment or capital campaigns

Donations to groups whose operating areas are outside of Canada

The Community Give Back Program is funded throughout the Calendar year (January 1 to December 31). We reserve the right to consider requests at any time. Our goal is to respond to proposals within two weeks.

Application Form

Please review your information before submitting your application

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