You’re grateful but …maybe, if you’re being honest, a tad frustrated.

Let’s break it down. Your clients absolutely LOVE working with you. You’re one of their biggest cheerleaders — you bring value & you’re exceeding their expectations. YAY! By the way, it’s completely okay to give yourself kudos. You earned it.

So why have you been feeling like you’re stuck? You need to spend more of your time connecting and less pushing paper and all that admin work.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s important work and it needs to get done but…imagine the energy you would have to pour into what you love if those hours were spent on what matters most. Connecting & building.

You’re nodding your head aren’t you? Here’s where it gets real.

It’s time for you to do 1 of 2 things.

1 – hire help (content creators, admin support, bookkeeper…should we continue?

2 – implement systems (scheduling software – social, calendars, etc.)

Hint: Tackling both could be real game changer for you and your business. And yes, it’s okay to feel scared but heck, you left the comfort zone the second you decided to be an entrepreneur.

If you’re serious about building your biz, then you need to focus your energy on doing just that. Finding the right individual(s) to join your team and get going.  Time is precious.