With so much entrepreneurial spirit flooding my social feeds, it reminded me of when I first thought about starting Take Roots.

There was a LOT I didn’t know. I had always worked for ‘someone else’ who take care of the paperwork, the taxes, the financial statements, you know…the business stuff — I simply showed up and did my job (quite well, if I do say so myself) and collected my paycheque.

I looked to trusted advisors to steer me in the right direction. To make sure I had systems and processes in place so I could focus on securing clients & building the business. These last few months have been challenging but I’ve also been reminded of the ride, the creative juices are flowing and that pivoting can be fun.

For those that recently decided to take this time to make big career changes, or turn their passion into a business, take the time to get things in order — drive & determination are wonderful but could all be for not if you haven’t thought about some basic things.

I caught up with Kim Moore, a certified accountant and owner of KSM Accounting Solutions and asked if she would share some insights for new business owners. Grateful for her knowledge and her time — you can take a listen here.

Have specific questions for Kim? Please connect with her on LinkedIn or find her on a newly created Instagram account at @kimsharonmoore

Dream bigger.