When it came to creating a killer one-pager for a potential client – it was easy. My mind instantly went to the components that I looked for in a good pitch. And so I thought, ‘why not share them?’ So, here’s my little insight into creating a great one-pager.

When you have a variety of offerings, it’s easy to create brochures that have too much information and are not that enticing. What you need is a marketing piece that is focused, easy-to-read, and compelling. Think of it as a snapshot of a particular part of your business that includes the most relevant and valuable information for a specific target audience.

Here are five things you need to include when creating one-pager.

  1. A catchy headline

The headline has the power to draw your ideal client in or completely turn them away. When you’re brainstorming ideas, focus on your client’s problem and the solution you’re offering. Use it as an opportunity to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Engaging content

Less is more. Don’t drown your one-pager is boring sales copy. Strip down your messages to include the only the most important information that your potential client needs to know — you want to build credibility and invite a follow-up conversation.

  1. Strong visual design

Get creative with layout but don’t be scared of white space. Stay on brand — the colours and patterns should be consistent with your other marketing materials so potential clients (and current clients for that matter) begin to recognize your style.

  1. Testimonials

When potential clients are faced with a buying decision, they prefer to have someone else validate the product or service — including one or two testimonials provides a bit of external validation.

  1. Call to Action

What do you want the potential client to do as a result — set up a consult, make a donation, visit your website, follow your company on social media — make sure you are specific! Make it easy for them to connect with you.

[download our sample layout here to make sure you stay on the right track]

Still need help? Contact us to create a custom one-pager for your business.