Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication.

Think back to middle school. Were you ever the student who sat in the back of the classroom and avoided raising your hand to dodge any chance of having to speak in front of the class? Don’t worry. I was too! Fast forward to today. Would you agree that in the working world, public speaking is a vital skill to have and to hone? It effects simple, everyday interactions between coworkers, bosses and employees, marketing professionals and clients, etc., and it can have an enormous impact on your career path and your level of success in your industry.

There are many reasons why public speaking is important but here are 3 significant:


1. Win Over the Crowd
Inside and outside the workplace, the power of persuasion can carry you far and it all starts by honing your public speaking skills. It goes without saying that it is imperative to be knowledgeable about the subject you are presenting, but beyond that, when making a persuasive speech of any kind, including a sales pitch to a client, you need to be prepared to speak with poise.


2. Inform the Audience
The ability to inform is one of the most important aspects of public speaking. Once you have the audience’s attention, a good informative speech sharing your knowledge of a subject with an audience, enhances their understanding and makes them remember your words long after you’ve finished.



3. Motivate Others
A great public speaker has the ability to motivate his or her audience to do something, stop doing something, change a behaviour, or reach objectives. It is not enough to simply be knowledgeable but to make your audience share your passion. You must relate to your audience and gain their trust. How? Be yourself! Let your personality come through. People will really trust the message when they see a “real” person.


Still have anxiety about the thought of public speaking. Don’t worry. Anxiety is a good thing – it means you care! Entrepreneur, adventurer and humanitarian Sir Richard Branson, still remains daunted by the task, but with good tools and strategies, he seems to always have an amazing presence on the stage. “As is the case with everything else that I haven’t particularly enjoyed doing, for a long time I didn’t do it terrible well,” he admits. “Over the years, however, I have become much more practiced at giving speeches, though it still makes me a bit nervous.” His top tips: Use your imagination, practice, and prepare.

Public speaking truly is a life skill that we can never stop practicing. We all have to speak in public from time to time. You might be asked to make a speech at a friend’s wedding, give a eulogy for a loved one, or inspire a group of volunteers at a charity event. At Take Roots, we understand that the fear of public speaking is real for many. Remember, the more you push yourself to speak in front of others, the better you’ll become, and the more confidence you’ll have.
If you have any ‘tried and true’ public speaking tips or want to plug your own public speaking blog please (and we mean please) leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!