Seeing an article title that includes the words ‘content strategy’ may put up a red flag. Maybe you think this is some kind of boring subject matter for an article. But before you close the page, stay with me for a little longer. I think you will find it useful information and learn just what ‘content strategy’ is all about and why it’s so important in building a successful online community.

Content strategy is one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing — it makes it possible for organizations to function in an increasingly Google-centric, social-driven world. It is the foundation for any future digital marketing strategy. It’s where the rubber meets the road for SEO and digital PR, customer insights and brand awareness — the goal  to create a powerful, long-lasting and rewarding online community.

Because there is so much buzz around content, everyone thinks they know what it is. But the reality is most content efforts fail to deliver the expected results. The reason? A one-size-fits-all approach fails to recognize that every business has different challenges and goals for content creation — from creation to implementation to measuring success, different.

If you build it, they will come – or so the saying goes. Right now, people may be coming to your website or following you on social media, but not necessarily converting into paying customers. By having a customized content strategy, you’ll be able to engage your visitors so that they are more likely to convert.

Many organizations are focusing on content, but few have truly mastered the art of creating effective and valuable content. Luckily, implementing a strategy to drive better results is something that can be learned and streamlined to standardize your efforts. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about your content strategy:

  1. What problem are you solving?
  2. Who is looking for your business? Your audience.
  3. What kind of content do they want to see? Think value.
  4. How can you demonstrate results? You want to establish credibility & authority.

What about your content pillars — do you know what they are?  Grab my Content Creation Tip Sheet if you’re new to this concept. Breaking down your content pillars allows you to have clarity around messaging and voice — both of which are key to building brand awareness. More content is not better than quality content.

It’s never too late to work on your content strategy. As with all things, creating a content strategy is a process of evolution, not revolution. Take time to assess what’s been done to date — identify successes, failures, gaps and new opportunities — the benefit of early planning is clear: it can save considerable time and resources later on, when the business needs to concentrate on other things. And please, don’t forget the power of repurposing as part of your strategy. Not sure how to repurpose — watch this!

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, grab a latte and a blanket for coziness if you’re working from home these days, and let me help break down the basics of why your business needs an effective content marketing strategy.  Click here to book a 15 minute discovery call.