You want more leads, right? Your conversion rate is low and your clicks are way down. Your website is dying a slow death by abandonment and no business to show for it. Your social media posts are welcomed with crickets. What’s the solution? You need to make your call to action buttons [and captions] convert.

Okay, let me back up for a minute. What is a call to action, also fondly referred to as a CTA?  A CTA is a button, text, or graphic that invites the consumer to take a specific action. They have been called “the holy grail of content marketing” at least once by someone smarter than me.

Every website and a piece of content should have an end goal. The goal can be anything from filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter, or sharing your content.

Conversion-rate optimizers spend a lot of time trying to figure out what elements will get people to take action and ‘convert’. Email subject lines, landing pages, or even which colours to use can make or break your success rate. In the world of e-commerce shops, there’s little that is more important than the call to action. That’s why making sure your call to action is clear and effective is key. That set of buttons or links is often the final step in a potentially successful conversion, so you need it to be as effective as possible.

We can’t forget that good design, copy, and placement are much more important than the sheer numbers of CTA’s. Here’s five ways to write better calls to action so your potential clients will want to follow through.

  1. Tout benefits, not features
  2. Make it specific, goal-centric — keep it simple
  3. Try using a ‘double’ down arrow for visual impact — be visual!
  4. Use ‘action’ words
  5. Add urgency — think: time limit

You can’t just broadcast your message. You have to elicit a reaction. Your content has to evoke an action from your audience. This is exactly where CTA’s play a very important role. Not sure what CTA’s to use? I’ve got you! Click here to grab my 30 CTAs for Social Media — start converting those silent followers.

So, want to improve conversions? Be bold and ask for the conversion.