Event Information:

  • Sat

    What Every Non-Profit Board Member Needs to Know, Do and Avoid

    9am-3:30pmBorder Paving Athletic Centre (Spruce Grove, AB)

    To register: http://www.sprucegrove.org/programs_events/workshops/fall_workshops_2017.htm#What+Every+Non-Profit+Board+Member

    During the workshop the facilitators will cover:

    What You Need to Know
    -Understand your role as a board member
    -Understand your why
    Understand the changing landscape for successful non-profits

    What You Should Do
    - Be an ambassador for your non-profit
    -What does being an ambassador look like

    What To Avoid
    -Disengagement of board members
    -Improper Recruitment
    Too many meetings/sub-committees: Respect board members' time